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English GP takes 32 week pregnant student to Spain for abortion
Further complicity between UK abortionists and the Spanish abortion clinic, Ginemedex, is revealed in The Sunday Telegraph (UK) today. An English GP admits to having accompanied a student to Barcelona to terminate a 32-week pregnancy for social reasons. Once again the UK abortion provider, British Pregnancy Advisory Service (BPAS), focus of an earlier scandal unravelled by the same Telegraph team, features regularly in the report.
‘It appears that English women are not the only Europeans ending up at the Ginemedex Clinic in Barcelona. Dr Adlakha refers to a French and German client she met during her visit. Spain is currently smarting under the accusations of racism associated with its football supporters. Do they now want to be seen as the abortion killing field of Europe? The Ginemedex clinic must be closed down.'

João Vacas

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