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Abortion clinic offers cash incentives to women to have terminations

A private abortion clinic is offering financial kickbacks to women with late-term pregnancies to entice them into having illegal terminations.

The clinic offers to pay British women's travel expenses and even make discounts on the price of the terminations.

The clinic, Mediterrània Mèdica based in Valencia in Spain, circumvents British and Spanish law by carrying out terminations on 26-week pregnant women for €2,000 (£1,353) and then claiming that they are mentally ill.

Dr Leonardo Llorente, who is one of the abortionists working at Mediterrània Mèdica, told an undercover reporter that despite the stipulations of Spanish abortion law his clinic would never refuse a six-month pregnant woman a termination since "probably all women wanting to get an abortion at this stage will be psychologically affected".

João Vacas

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