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Danish TV documentary alleges Emece clinic in Barcelona is performing illegal abortions
In the documentary which was broadcast, a Danish journalist, 30-weeks pregnant, contacted the clinic in Barcelona and, without revealing her true identity, travelled to the Catalan capital accompanied by another journalist of the station, who pretended to be her friend, after the Danish health authorities had denied her an abortion.In the Barcelona clinic, they met with the director of the centre, Dr. Carlos Morín, who assured them that he received patients from countries such as France, Great Britain, Holland, Germany and even Australia, and that the procedure was legal and carried no risks for the mother.Morín explained before the hidden camera that the foetus is injected with dioxin, a substance which is used to treat cardiac illnesses, which makes the baby’s heart stop before being extracted from the uterus.The female journalist, who alluded to the break-up with her partner being the reason for the abortion, was asked to fill in a questionnaire about her physical and mental health.

João Vacas

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